How to Start Designing your New App?


Here’s a list of what’s needed if  you want to do your own design for your new app:

  • Hi-resolution logo 
  • All assets, buttons, icons, images (png and sag) 
  • A basic idea of the workflow 

Where to start with the app design?

  1. App Flow - Flow can be as simple as a hand drawing in a notebook. Think about the screens on the app and the purpose of each individual screen. 
  2. Sign in, sign up, initial welcome, the home page, the news feed, my account. And then how does a user navigate to these pages? Through the menu bar? From another page? How do they navigate away? If there is a trick to it then the UI and design process is ultimately broken. 
  3. Wireframing - We use Adobe XD to design all applications as the system is intuitive. When wireframing it is important to keep the styling consistent and use common elements. Create patterns throughout the design. This is crucial as once a user learns how to do something, they will be able to apply this throughout other areas of the app.
  4. Testing an app design - Once your User Interface and designs are complete, you need to start showing this off to others. Don’t be afraid of feedback. Feedback now is cheaper than feedback later. Focus particularly on how all the elements together influence the flow and experience of the app.
  5. Development - the final stage in testing your flow, wireframes, and subsequent UI is to develop your app and put it to the real test. Let that theoretical baby bird spread its wings and find its own way in the world. You can mother your app as much as you want, but without development and a beta app, you can not gauge the real success of your product. 
  6. Parting Wisdom - Design in the app space is admittedly hard, it takes years of experience working with a range of industries and in depth knowledge of mobile app development. But do not let this deter you from starting to map out the flow and design for yourself. Start thinking about how you want your users to experience your app and start asking yourself the hard questions.