How to Create a Google Play Developer Account?

This article outlines the steps to successfully creating an android developer account.

Follow the steps below to create your Google Play developer account. Google Play charges a USD$25 (approx. AUD$35) one-time developer fee.


  1. Create your Google Developer Account here: Google Play Developer Console »Google Developer
  2. Sign in using an existing Google account or click "Create an account". 
  3. Fill out the form, and click "Next Step" Android Developer
  4. Add a photo (optional), and click "Create your profile" Android Developer
  5. Click "Get started" to get back to the Google Play Developer Console Create Google Developer Account
  6. Select the "Google Play Developer distribution agreement check-box" to acknowledge your agreement, and click "Continue to payment" to pay the one-time $25 (approx. AUD$35) fee. Google Developer Account Cost
  7. Enter your payment information, and click "Accept and continue". Become Android Developer
  8. You will receive an email from Google notifying you when your Google Developer Account is ready to be activated. Note: This process can take up to a week.
  9. Activate your Google Developer Account.