How to Access the Prototype on the XD App, on Your Device

Here are the steps to be followed to access the prototype on the XD app, on your device (You can view the prototype on any web browser, however, we highly recommend viewing gin the XD application as the prototype is fluid and quick to use):

  1. Let us know what device you have. A prototype works very differently from how an adaptive final app will work. We need to know what device; manufacturer, model, and size you have so we can set up the prototype to fit your device screen properly (Example: Apple iPhone 12pro)
  2. Download the Adobe XD application to your phone. This is a free app on the app store and is very lite. You will not have to pay for anything within this application.
  3. Create an Adobe account on the XD app. In order to accept access to the prototype on your device, we will need to send an invitation to your adobe account. We will use the email associated with your XD account to send you the prototype.
  4.  Let us know what email address you used to create your adobe account with and we will send you an invitation to view the prototype.
  5. Accept the invitation on the Adobe XD application and test away until your heart is content! 

(Disclaimer: Some elements like images, type styles, and animations may not carry over from the original XD file into the live prototype. XD sometimes does not embed certain elements within a live presentation, and components may look different to the original screens. Be advised that this is only a prototype and the design layout in the original initial screens provided by us will be carried over to the final application. When Tapping certain buttons on the prototype some hotboxes will appear to be small, this is only in the prototype and hit boxes will be much bigger in the final product.)